Gault & Millau

Top-level culinary enjoyment? Lille is the place to be! The Gault & Millau guide highlights no less than three restaurants in Lille in 2023.


Enjoy a meal at Terroir in Gierle. Au Comptoir became Terroir last summer. Same location, cuisine, experience, and rating, but a different crew. Chef Ivan Menten entered into an association with butcher-supplier Filip Ceursters from Oosthoven under the slogan 'working with meat, with a story and good provenance'. Ceursters specialities include beef, dry-aged sirloin steak, côte à l'os and charcuterie which he makes in his own workshop. Veal sweetbreads are golden crusted, and Ivan Menten combines them with sautéed porcini mushrooms, finely chopped candied chicory, and powerful chicken gravy. Wild duck is kept beautifully pink and tastes delicate when paired with a sublime sauce, some young carrots, on their whole and partly as puree, and airy pommes dauphines. Tasty dame blanche, though without fresh cream. They received a fine score of 14.5/20.


Gierle is also home to Remise. Chef Dave Oomen and hostess Elien Daneels welcome you to a beautiful, cosily decorated restaurant. Fun flavoursome starters include croquettes from Secreto 07 and gyoza with meat from juicy chicken thighs. Tapas of desserts for those with an avid sweet tooth. They achieved a good score of 12/20.


In addition to these two restaurants, Gault & Millau has recommended a third restaurant in Lille! Barola in Gierle is on the map under the POP selection. The selection includes accessible and trendy eateries centred around experience and concept, and often with a focus on one top product or preparation method. Enjoy tasty dishes in an original setting, with quality as the main Gault & Millau criterion. Enjoy fine dining at Barola in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wijndomein Walterus

Domein Walterus is het geesteskind van Annick Milis en Reinout Moonen uit Poederlee. Daar planten zij in 2010 hun eerste ranken. De naam van hun domein vinden ze in de geschiedenis van Lille. Walterus is in 1209 immers de eerste Heer van Poederlee. 

In de wijngaard staan merlot en cabernet franc, wat vrij zeldzaam is in ons land. Daarnaast zijn ook sauvignon blanc, solaris en cabernet cortis aangeplant. Domein Walterus produceert vier wijnen en een mousserende wijn.