St John Baptist Church

St John Baptist parish church, a neo-Gothic church, gained its appearance after the 1908 remodelling. The 15th-century tower and church choir were integrated into the current structure. The church is walled by a 'schom', a ring wall within which immunity prevailed until the French Revolution. Some interesting tombstones can be admired in the old churchyard. The most notable is the crypt that the Gilles de Pelichy family had built there during its temporary stay in Poederlee. A Calvary is mounted against the choir, a gift from Baron Gilles de Pelichy.

The rectory was built in 1768. Originally, it consisted only of a ground floor with a stable, a barn and a storage room. In 1818, repair works were carried out and 'the waeyer above the grand door' was installed. The first floor was built in 1841. The roof was lifted in its entirety by hoists, and the new floor and walls built below.

In front of the church is café In den Hemel, then with straw roof and whitewashed facade. As in many Kempen villages, the village pub is right opposite the church. The Van Hemel family has kept this café open since 1752.