Visiting our child-friendly catering businesses

Young families are often looking for bite-sized offers for their holidays or getaways. So, we're happy to take a look at our catering businesses for you. What makes them child-friendly? Why are they the perfect place to grab a bite to eat with your family?

Together with our children's city council and our catering businesses, we worked out a list of criteria. If a catering business meets these criteria, it is labelled 'baby-friendly' or 'child-friendly'.

How do you recognise child-friendly businesses?

Businesses that achieved the label of 'baby-friendly' or 'child-friendly' are identified by a sticker.

If this sticker is gold-coloured, then they were also awarded our gold star. Read more about this under our criteria.

Which businesses achieved the label?

Check out our baby-friendly and/or child-friendly catering businesses here

What criteria do the catering businesses have to meet?

Baby-friendly catering (0-1 year)

The following requirements are always met:

  • A nursing table/cushion
  • A dining chair
  • Facilities to heat up bottles or baby food (microwave or bain-marie). The staff know how to use these heating facilities.
  • Space for prams (next to the table)

Gold star

Staff anticipate the presence of toddlers by, for example: preparing a dining chair if needed, indicating where there is a changing table/pillow, letting parents know where babies can be breastfed, etc. 

Child-friendly catering

These basic criteria are always present:

  • A children's menu with a choice of three dishes
  • A dining chair
  • A changing table/cushion
  • Facilities to heat up bottles or baby food (microwave or bain-marie). The staff know how to use these heating facilities.
  • Materials where children can sit quietly (e.g. reading books, colouring pages, crayons, board games, etc.)

At least one of these optional criteria is always present:

  • One of the children's dishes is a healthy offering.
  • Space for prams (= enough room to move between tables, parking space for prams in the establishment, possibly space next to the table)
  • Adapted hours (e.g.: lunch from 11:00 to 15:00, early evening from 17:00, pancakes always offered instead of only in the afternoon, etc.)
  • An enclosed garden with play facilities (ball, skipping rope, etc.) / play elements (swing, slide, etc.) / sandbox / animals
  • An active game such as a quest, sorting activity, etc. 

Gold star

Staff anticipate the presence of children by, for example: providing food for children first, offering adapted cutlery and glasses, being careful with hot dishes and sharp knives on the table, etc. All staff are well briefed and know how to pay attention to these details.

New entries

Would you like to recommend a catering business that is not yet in our list? Feel free to let us know! If you think a business does not belong here or you have a comment, we would also like to hear it. For this, you can always contact 

Would you like to register your catering business? Go here for your registration or additional info. As a municipal government, we can only promote businesses that comply with town planning rules. More information on the accommodation decree can be found here.